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Re: POLL: Should we postpone Reading 20?

Originally Posted by svxcess View Post

In light of the current health situation in the United States, and the uncertainty of whatever regulations are planned for the immediate future, do you think it is the right decision to postpone Reading until the fall of this year?

There may be travel restrictions by air for those who were planning to fly in.

This gives us enough time to re-evaluate the situation and pick an alternate date, or at worst cancel Reading for this year.
Folks, this is serious business. I vote to postpone to the fall. Even churches in my area are not holding services... VA, MD, WV, OH and many other states have closed schools. All the universities in VA (except Liberty, of course) are online only now.

The risk is not worth it. Spring or fall. It matters not. It is all about the people and the cars, not a specific date - that was debunked when deciding April or May.
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