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Re: Craigslist and other finds

Originally Posted by irox View Post
An interesting find on coparts. A 1994 LSI, 136K miles, black (I guess, it's a bit dirty), some after market bits, grill, rims, hood badge, cheesy (in my opinion) aero-bumper-things, damage is listed a "hail", but doesn't seem bad. No broken windows or badly damaged body parts (it's very dirty though), claims it has a clean title:
This one got relisted with a $375 buy it now price. I'm glad this isn't near where I live...

There is also another one which has been re-listed on coparts,I think I posted about this one a while back, near Portland OR, ~150K miles, Red (I never liked red cars), looks in really nice condition for coparts car. They even washed this one:
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