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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
Thanks! I've been occasionally getting questions from other SVX owners in Europe, so all of these pictures give me a much better idea of how the factory radio is installed and wired.

Now I just need to figure out if Subaru changed to the single 14-pin harness (instead of the 7- and 9-position pair) at some later model year. Otherwise I'm not sure why Autoleads would say to use the adapter with the 14-pin connector.

Interesting. BTW, I call it a "7-position" connector since it has slots where up to 7 pins/wires could go. For reference, here's a close-up from your picture:
I thought I was seeing a 5th wire, but it must just be a shadow.

I have no doubt that the connector includes +12V Accessory, +12V Battery, and Ground (and those three are picked up by the cage's mating connector).

No surprise that Subaru omitted the motor antenna wire, since you have a separate switch for that.

Your 4th wire is Illumination + (at pin #5). So if you were to install an aftermarket radio that has a dimmer wire, you'd have something to connect it to

On the US cage, I'm able to temporarily open the door a little wider to slide in a double-DIN radio. I'll bet you could do that on the European cage as well.
Originally Posted by svxistentialist View Post
I'll check this David

OK, I had a look at the wiring. You were correct David. There was a fifth [red] wire. It's actually visible in the wiring cord where it is taped farther back in the same picture.

Of the five wires coming into the connector, only three of them get connected to the unit. These are the blue with pink stripe on one side on its own, the black over on the other side and the brown with the red stripe. These two are on the opposite side of the connector.

The two redundant wires are red [or pink maybe?] with a black stripe and a plain red wire.

Do I understand you that possibly one of these unused pair could be used for a dimmer connection? And the other is possibly a live for an aerial feed?

So the smaller connector has 7 positions as you note. 5 wires are connected to it with two empty positions. 3 of the 5 are picked up by the unit.

The larger connector would be a 9 position model using the same logic. In this car it has 8 wires to it and one empty position in the centre.

I have a 95 UK car with the exact same radio, and I would presume it has the exact same pair of connectors. [In fact 2 connectors for the radio side and the other black connector for the CD controller side]

If there has been a change to a 14 pin harness I can only surmise that this change came with the 96/97 cars which were wired for OBD II. This would be a fundamental difference that could easily be checked with the owner. It's probably safe to assume that all early cars, 92-95, particularly 2-tone cars, are wired in the way these photos depict.

I hope that's a little clearer now.

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