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1992 SVX Vanagon Synco, loss of ignition?


This is my first post. Firstly I have a 1987 Vanagon Syncro Camper with a 1992 SVX motor and computer. I have maintain and enhanced the initial installation.

I have a new issue: Cruising along I will get loss of power as if I've taken my foot off the gas, the motor does not die. Then the motor will "catch" again. This is a intermittent problem, some days lots of cut outs, some none but it seems to be occurring more often.

I checked the TPS sensor and even replaced it with a known good sensor. Same issue. I'm in the process of pulling any codes but having to find the wires I put away a while back. The only other thing i've done since install is replace one coil over. That coil over was crumbling apart it seems.

Any suggestions welcome. This is the best motor to power the heavy framed synco, it just cruises down the highway.

I don't have the svx car obviously but I do rebuild automatic transmissions and all shorts of motors, rear-ends and other gear so I won't hesitate to help if I see a question that's appropriate.

Update: Code 33 and 29, I think I've always had 33 (speed sensor) but 29 is the crank angle sensor, hum is this one of the unobtainium parts?

Appreciate the time,


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