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Originally Posted by svxistentialist
That sounds good Phil. Keep us posted.

Your subroutine may work if you get it to iterate at faster than the 1/25 secs the calculations are made from.

I hope you get it to work, so you can re-programme my UK TCU at the JAE.. I'll buy you a pint and a vegetarian burger.

That's not my subroutine. That's the code in the TCU. I was trying to illustrate how it works.

Actually, if you think about it. I can set the timer to the maximum possible value of 255. That should give me 10 seconds before I have to worry about resetting it again.

There is no chance of being able to reset a variable every iteration. The protocol can only manage about 4 or 5 commands a second and it takes two commands to write a byte of data to memory.

At the moment, reprogramming is not on the cards. The only way this is going to work is to have a laptop in the car constantly sending data to the TCU to reset the timer.

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