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Re: Gauging interest: 30th Anniversary SVX Meet in 2022

Originally Posted by theflystyle View Post
I will pose these questions

How many of us have an SVX that are willing to drive that far
How many SVX's at this point can actually make that drive
You have posed excellent questions!
From Calgary, the shortest distance according to Maps is ~ 2760 Km (~1725 mi) one way. So say 6000 km both ways including driving around and sidetrips, etc.
At my car's current mileage and age, I definitely feel my car could easily do that trip, and it's actually close to the current mileage (km)/year that my car has been driven. So, in answer to your questions, I do and I think I do, lol...
In the intervening 2 years or so before 2022, I could be sure that the few small issues that may discourage me from driving my SVX that far could easily be remedied, and I could 'bank' some mileage by driving it a little less.... hmmm.
I think it could be a fabulous event, who knows, maybe Subaru will have released her spiritual successor by that time... It really is time for a new 'halo' car... /scratches chin thoughtfully\
I have a cousin in Sioux Falls, SD... it's kinda on the way...
'92 SVX LS-L Liquid Silver 123,600 km (~ 76,800 mi)
-completely stock
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