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I am looking ahead at my holiday plans, and I am including JAE as one of my trips at the moment.

As you are dealing with the correspondence with the organisers, could I suggest a couple of things?:

First and foremost, last year's stand was too small. It was good in many ways, but considering the small cost of a plot three or four times the size, definitely too small.

Next, as we were right beside the gate, it meant that everybody saw us, we were easy to find, and quick to get away. On the negative side, we were covered in dust, because every car coming and going passed by us. So I think we could look for a stand farther in, this year. Do people agree?

Were you going to scan up and paste some detail?



Originally Posted by Phil Hill
Ok guys, I've received more from Claire about JAE 2006.

I'll not type out the whole thing, I'll try and get it scanned at work next week and upload it.

The synopsis is : Cost for the pitch is the same at £1 per car for the weekend. Cost of entry appears to now be a flat rate of £20, whether you attend one day or all weekend, and includes camping.

We can have a short piece in the official show guide if we write approx 50 words and submit it for review.

The final date for submission for bookings is June 30th, so plenty of time to decide what we're doing this year.

Best regards to everyone.

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