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Right on cue here is the very latest info from Clarie about JAE :

Dated Wednesday 13th July.


JAE is just a "gear change" away. Please see below information that will assist you on your arrival at JAE.

Car Club/Trader Gates
Friday - 7:30am - midnight (security in gate if needed outside of these hours)
Sat 7:30 - midnight (security in gate if needed outside of these hours)
Sun 7:30 - noon (security in gate if needed outside of these hours)

All Club stands will be marked with the club name. Please bring with you the latest location map, so you know your club stand. Tickets are purchased on the gate and you will be wrist banded.

There is a restaurant at the showground available on Friday and Saturday evening, at the Peterborough/Cambridge Suite if you would like to book a table either evening, please contact Mrs Wheatley on 01733 234451.

May I remind you of the Terms and Conditions to JAE (see attached) please ensure that your club has read them. We want you to enjoy JAE!!

Show and Shine - Saturday
10am - 6.30pm

Running Order
11:00 Daihatsu
11:30 Lexus
12:00 Toyota
13:00 Mitsubishi
14:00 Honda
15:00 Datsun and Nissan
16:30 Mazda
17:30 Subaru
18:30 Suzuki

This will take place in the "main arena". Spectators can view from the grandstand. The blue A5 Show and Shine entry forms should be completed and brought with you on the day of your arrival to JAE. You must register the cars at the JAE Help Desk by 10am on Saturday, with an 11am start to the competition. At registration you will need to hand in the blue forms which will be stamped and the entry recorded. The forms are then to be placed in the car windscreen for identification purposes. Would you kindly brief the owners on the Show and Shine entry forms, so that they know exactly where to be and when. Glen Horncastle, will be running the competition. He will be wearing a JAE shirt. We have a list of judges who will be inspecting your shiny bits, so get cleaning!! If you would like to be a judge or marshal please let me know as soon as possible.

Flame Out competition - Saturday
6pm - 8pm

Paul Nicola from Pure P10 will be running the competition. See attached entry form. There will be two parts "assisted" and "un-assisted" Once again, please complete the form and bring it with you to the JAE Help Desk at 5:30pm for registration. The competition will be in the main arena. Spectators can view from the grandstand.
For further information, please email

Tug of War - Sunday

I think you know how this works! There will be teams of six (per club). We have an official judge coming from the British Tug of War Association, so no cheating! A trophy will be presented to the!

A list of competing clubs will be posted on the JAE forum. Watch this space!!

Show and Shine Finals - Sunday

Food and Soft drinks

There is a food and beverage order form (see attached) This form is in case you have forgotten to bring food for your BBQ. Telephone the order through to Stephen on 07706 940401 any time before the event or any time during the event before 5pm on Saturday. Alternatively, you can hand in the form to the Admin Office any time before 5pm on Saturday. Please note that ALL BBQ's must be raised and off the grass.

The hard stuff!

And finally, throughout the day and in the evening there will be two bars on site, one at the Northampton Suite and the other located in the middle of the Car Clubs area. Aside from a two hour break in the late afternoon these will be serving alcoholic beverages all day Saturday and Sunday. In addition, both will be providing an off-sales service and will take large or bulk orders for your entire club, but you may want to get in early if you want to make sure it's chilled to perfection!

I think that's it?!?

Any questions let me know!!

Claire Williams
The Organisation
Mobile: 07798 600420
Office: 08700 109705

There were three pdf attachments to this mail, one is the "T's & C's" for JAE, one is an entry from to the "Flame-out" competition. I've added them to my locker in the JAE 2005 folder. Please be aware of the T's & C's.

Anyway I think this clears up the detail of how and when. Angela and I will likely be heading down to the showground Friday afternoon, hopefully earlier than last year so we can pitch the tent in daylight rather than headlight !! Hopefully we'll be able to pitch near the stand, and if others are coming down Friday I guess it would be good to pitch up together.

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