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Hi PHil,

I have just typed up thoughts with a view towards posting. Having opened the thread I find that there are other rather confirming comments. This is indeed interesting and I would say conclusive.

Further overnight thinking:-

The concept of “learning” as applied to computer controlled activity, has always eluded me in as far as being a proper description. No sensor in the automotive area can be expected to have intrinsic accuracy on the basis of manufacture or life expectancy. Learning as such, would require massive memory.

This aspect does not present a problem provided all devices are employed as providing a means of proportional output. There are means to this end and the advent of the op amp IC is one. The use of this principle would provide the so called “learning” aspect.

On this basis all inputs after interfacing, could be finally become evident as divided into increments of 5 volts, or -5 through +5 volts and 10.

In the application of the TPS, an applied voltage of five would be readily available in regulated form, but could not remain static as a result variables within the TPS and wiring, as is indicated by the test tolerances quoted in the manual. However as a proportioning device applied across a 5 volt circuit the resulting output would be accurate and remain as such.

I am in the dark here and am groping on the basis of logic. The idea is to provide the ideas you have requested, so as to promote further possible research.
Trevor, New Zealand.

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