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Originally Posted by blackbolt94red View Post
I bought this car this April, and stupidly failed to do a PPI. I live in SD, the car was in SC. The carfax was clear. Claimed as a one owner car.
Upon arrival, the seller claimed to have forgotten to put the service records in the car. He also 'forgot' to tell me there was no rear drive shaft. Now he is playing stupid (guy has an engineering degree for ****s sake) and also says he lost the records.
I feel 'had'* of course, first time I've ever bought anything bigger than a bread box on the net and I got taken.
Ton of money later I'll update this.
ps on the bright side, the interior is like new, the paint decent, the original mats immaculate, came with a fitted SVX cover, which I like, and an SVX bra, which I detest. Giving that away to whoever wants it.
buyer beware eh?
*'had' as in, well you know, taken, fleeced, rogered.
UPDATE 8/6/14
New shocks/struts, O2 sensors, transfer case solenoids/valves, drive shaft and it runs fine, but boy its a bear keeping a black car clean
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