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Re: For Sale: Radio Wiring Harnesses for SVX!!

Originally Posted by svxash View Post
So where can I get the AUX input wiring for the 07' WRX style of Subaru head unit?
These are the options I know of currently:
  • Buy a whole OEM Aux pod kit (a little pricey, though). A P/N for one that goes in the center console in '08 and later Imprezas is H6210FG000. Installation guide (PDF file, from Subaru Technical Info site).

    Close-up pics of a version that goes in an "ashtray pod" start here.

    Note that on some models/years, the Aux plug that connects to the radio is part of a larger harness integrated into the dash wiring, and is apparently not sold separately (it would be too expensive anyway).
  • Custom cable made by "Tim-M" on various boards. Pictures here. Look a couple of posts down for one of his posts to click on his contact links. He also has a version with a 3.5mm stereo plug.
  • Hack together your own plug. The rows are four pins across at 0.1" spacing, a size used by lots of PC harnesses. Unfortunately, the two rows are more like 0.125" apart, so you can't use a 2x4 sized plug. You could stack two 4-pin connectors, or use a bunch of single-pin connectors (some USB harnesses use those to connect internally to a motherboard).
  • Pull one from a junked Impreza.

ADDED: I now have that 8-pin aux plug. See next post.
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