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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

An SVX owner in Sweden e-mailed me asking about differences between his radio and what I describe in my installation document. He said his radio is similar to what's shown in the attached PDF, from a German owner. That radio is the Panasonic model RD25 (sticker on bottom says Model No. 86201PA060, Ref. No. CQ-YF4220A).
European radio connector SVX-RD25-Connect.pdf (214KB)
[left picture] Radio seen from below, with male plug inserted (when viewing the assembled quick-out tray [installed in the dash], it is the left plug!)

[right picture] View of jack on the radio, mounted in the rear, and associated plug on the quick-out bracket.

The other socket / plug (not shown here) is for the CD changer control.

I have numbered the contacts as follows [3rd picture]

Endstufen = amplifier

Endstufen GND = "amplifier ground" (pins 3–6 = rear left, front left, rear right, front right, respectively) negative sides

Endstufen-Ausgänge = "Amplifier outputs" (pins 13–16, same order) positive sides

Blank (unpopulated pins):
1 Switching output for motor antenna (active plus [voltage]) maximum current ? [unknown] (short-term max. 0.3 A)

7 Front Right
17 Front Left
19 Rear Left
20 Rear Right
Comment on 7, 17, 19, 20: Outputs of the amplifiers through 5.6 KΩ / 680Ω voltage dividers. Associated ground connection is Pin 9
10 Mute Input – Low (ground) = mute on / NC = Normal operation [While muted, operation continues (display is not blanked)]
That reminded me of these pictures that another owner in the UK had sent me awhile back. That was the first time I had seen the radio in a UK SVX.

Click these thumbnails for larger images. Occasionally, the thumbnails will not show, but each also has an "o" which you can click.

Radio cover door closed (RHD):
Door open. AM/FM/Tape, with 3.5mm jack for portable CD player:
Raising the handle:
Begin sliding out the radio:
Anti-theft feature — take it with you

Same pictures as attachments (in case ImageShack gets balky):
Attached Images
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