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Shadabob 05-09-2017 03:36 PM

Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
So years ago we had several successful drives up north (thanks to Troy!), gatherings up north (thanks to Earl!) and several surprisingly decent drives in SW WA/ N. OR organized by Mark and I. And mostly due to all the awesome SVX owners that came to all the events! :p And although the Gorge Drive still goes down as us "Portland area" guys moment of glory, Mark and I are looking to put together something a little simpler/ easier in hopes of reliving the glory days, so.... We are thinking of revisiting the Mt. St. Helen's Drive once again! It is our hope that something a bit more centrally located allows convenience for everyone, as it was pointed out as a positive the last time we did this drive (we did it twice, with good turn out before! Even the "All Fog Edition"). The drive itself CAN BE ADJUSTED to ad miles based on interest. The actual drive up and back from i-5 to the Mt. St. Helen's Johnston Creek Observatory is a bit over 2 hours of ACTUAL driving there and back from Castle Rock (its a little over 100 miles round trip). Of course, there will be "stops" and opportunity to hang out at the observatory itself...AND late lunch/ early dinner options.

I know its been many years since our last drive :mad:. Not sure who is still around, and who is new that would like to join, but if you are, please let us know! I know Le (who isnt on the forum) is interested and I will be contacting him to see about his availability. Plus I will be checking in with both the SVX and XT/XT6 group on Facebook, who are both VERY active.

Details "So Far"

When: SATURDAY JULY 1st, 2017. 10am meet and greet.
Where: TBD. Start up most likely to be in Castle Rock, WA area. They have a Park and Ride that I assume may be "clear" on a Saturday

Questions? Comments? Bueller? :p

In the past we did awards, and fun little gifts. If enough buzz occurs, I'd totally be willing to do that again. Anyone still have their Alcyone Key Chains from the Gorge Drive? I do! lol. Plus my award for loudest stereo...which wasn't really all that loud at all :rolleyes:

SoobCrazy 05-10-2017 09:22 AM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
I'm interested!

Alycone 05-10-2017 11:49 AM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
That was a beautiful drive when we did it a few years back!

Can't make anything in July, but I'll be back in the NW for the 2nd half of Aug and first week of Sept I believe.

Shadabob 05-10-2017 09:38 PM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
For those interested, and able, check out SVX nation post on Facebook if you like. I already see Ali there ;) LOTS of buzz! :eek::eek::eek: I'll continue to check in here though too!

JENKIN 09-19-2017 07:04 PM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
Darn, wish I had seen this before mid September. I just cant bring myself to facebook, but I guess I'll need to if that's where the svx life is these days.

svxnavyvet 09-20-2017 09:46 PM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
I'm in for next year should have one running good by then.:cool:

hobo 03-26-2018 05:34 PM

Re: Mt. St. Helen's Drive July 1st, ANY interest?
any events for this year? I have 8 svx's{7 1992s, 1 1994}, and am driving an ebony black 92 at this time. I am rather poor at emailing,etc. and am retiring and thinking about selling all of my collection. they range from the 94 with 60,000 miles to just bare bodies, 6 good engines and transmissions, and lots of misc. parts. do you know anyone who might be interested in the whole collection? I don't know if I am allowed to post my phone number or not and don't want 86ed from this site.:confused:

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