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How-To 04-22-2012 06:07 PM

Errors in FSM Section 2 - Fuel Lines
Saved for posterity: Errors in FSM Section 2 (by Mr. Pockets)

While replacing rusty fuel lines on my SVX, I found that there are two diagrams in the factory service manual's fuel system section that are incorrectly labeled.

In Section 2-8, Fig. 7 (Component Parts, Fuel Tank):

The lines are labeled wrong:

1. Delivery
2. Return
3. Evaporation

The correct labels are actually in a later diagram, Fig. 28. This is under the fuel pump removal chapter, and the correct order (following the same order as the first diagram) is:

1. Return
2. Evaporation
3. Delivery

The first diagram isn't even close. It has every single one wrong.

In the chapter on Fuel Tank Removal, Fig. 16's labels are at the very least misleading. I recommend seeing Fig. 32, under the Fuel Delivery, Return and Evaporation Lines removal chapter. That will make it much easier to tell the three lines depicted in that diagram apart. You'll have to take the rear seat cushion out, but chances are you already had to do that anyway.

I found these errors while replacing rusted fuel lines. Following the incorrect diagrams, my car would not start and I had no fuel pressure at the engine. I disconnected the line going into the fuel filter, stuck the end in an empty container, and saw no fuel when I cycled the fuel pump. Following the correct diagrams listed above, I had the car started in no time.

Hopefully this post helps somebody out some day.

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