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  1. Bumper latest news
  2. tailight mods
  3. Debadging your car...
  4. A new project! - Side Rocker Panels like the 1989 prototype
  5. Hood Vents (non hooked up...)
  6. Spoiler Mod (with how-to photos)
  7. Lambroghini door conversion
  8. Lighting the grille
  9. New Giugiaro emblem
  10. angel eye conversion
  11. Your opinion please
  12. New Style Hood Possibility
  13. New: Carbon Fiber JDM wings and Front Splitters
  14. Lambo Kit for $60 ????? believable???
  15. Where do i get this decal?
  16. Brighter Rear Signals
  17. Painting Center Piece
  18. Small Car Grille
  19. real glass roof
  20. Laguna Blue over Tan interior
  21. Smallcar's kit, heads and corners
  22. Nice grill (not Smallcar)
  23. WRX hoodscoop on SVX
  24. Removing the crash bar from the doors
  25. Carbon Fiber hood w/ WRX-style scoop
  26. Need someone in the Staten Island
  27. Check out my new LENS ;-)
  28. "Dated 'Nightrider' look?"
  29. Would these projectors fit?
  30. Where can I get this Grill
  31. Elusive spoiler
  32. Svx Eyelid design
  33. Blackout Headlights?
  34. Prototype styling
  35. Q for everyone
  36. clear headlight and corner questions
  37. New Body Kit for SVX
  38. Trying to light rear center reflector
  39. The coolest decals/stickers for your SVX!
  40. Custom Headlights?
  41. Carbon Fiber Hood?
  42. Painting Flat Red
  43. new mods no that im home
  44. fiber glass hood installed!!
  45. How about a CF WRX hoodscoop you can bolt on
  46. smallcar grille on your car?
  47. Has anybody cut apart the rear deck?
  48. My Remodified SVX
  49. WTF!!! (Spoiler)
  50. best lighting
  51. Lighing in centerbar
  52. Check it out, My "Flamed" SVX, let me know what ya think.
  53. Pics of new style LED taillight and turn signals
  54. New project started today.. 1 Peice trunk/Spoiler
  55. Couple Bumpers now in stock
  56. Some advice please? = )
  57. have you guys seen this?
  58. New K-Staff front spoiler
  59. Before/After Headlights...
  60. Smallcar grill installed on Ebony 92
  61. Lambo Door Install SkyDoor Kit w/ **pics**
  62. The 9005 headlight mod
  63. SMALL CAR center Grill???
  64. Designing a New Hood for our SVX
  65. Heres my mod
  66. SVX sideskirts
  67. Black fiberglass hood now avilable.
  68. SVX convertible.......I dare you!
  69. Power folding mirrors
  70. New Delta Speed Parts
  71. return of the Green Mamba Jamba
  72. My new project.....
  73. Windows tinted
  74. Another SVX horror story on ebay
  75. JDM, no..>European!!! parts aquisition (SVX, around the world in 60 days)
  76. New Paint Job
  77. Hood Scoop
  78. Musings of an idle mind...
  79. small car grille
  80. headlight mod
  81. H.I.D. Headlight!
  82. My new custom wing. What a freakin ordeal.
  83. New Cloud concepts up
  84. Want to change the H3 from 55 to 130 w
  85. Tinted headlights/tail lights
  86. Lamborghini Doors? whaa...
  87. I need the liquid silver color code
  88. Clear Corners
  89. Smoked Out Tails
  90. butterfly hinges
  91. svx now with HID's and clear headlights/corners
  92. New Headlight Cleaning kit
  93. Factory Paint From Subaru?
  94. does the rear wing ACTUALLY provide any benefit?
  95. SVX Body Kit
  96. New paint job soon, what color??
  97. whos car is this its the weirdest set up i have ever seen!!
  98. JDM corners internals
  99. Mounting Alcyone hood ornament
  100. Urethane body kit
  101. Window tint: How much did it cost you?
  102. svx finally completed, pics inside
  103. How-To Make Clear Corners for Cheap
  104. Bodykits?
  105. Wow, check out this paint. I want to see an SVX with it!
  106. Where to get Fiberglass Materials
  107. carbon fiber stuff
  108. Potential tail light mod
  109. Some pics of my HID's
  110. Poll:Best place to mount HIDs
  111. a clear solution
  112. Prototype "Trunklid/Wing" "Bumper"
  113. Body kit 2nd time round
  114. Body kit 2nd time around
  115. clear sides??
  116. New pictures of my body kit and paint around the car
  117. where to get a 97 grill
  118. Making My Own Clear Headlights from Lexan
  119. Euro bumper vs. Front Splitters vs. Both vs. Stock
  120. Cloud front bumper clone - anybody interested?
  121. other new bumper alternatives?
  122. emblems???
  123. HIDs
  124. anyone done any halo/angel eyes yet???
  125. A little something I've been working on.....
  126. new bumper finally finished! take a look.
  127. How can I get my headlights and corners to look like this?
  128. lip
  129. Front Bumpers
  130. Upcoming lighting project
  131. Anyone have long term report on clear headlight covers?
  132. Louvers
  133. Oooo... What's that ontop of the SVX???
  134. very mild Rear Lip
  135. head light covers
  136. Svx Chopping
  137. Graphics on an SVX?
  138. HID Conversion
  139. Side Skirts and Front bumper
  140. Is a roof rack a mod?
  141. Aluminum Skid Plate
  142. Finally some progress...
  143. Flatt bumper pics
  144. new body kit?
  145. Checking Interest Now...
  146. What were they thinking??
  147. smoked taillight lenses done properly
  148. Custom rear spoiler ideas ???
  149. For the serious track junkies:
  150. SVX with skyline tail lights
  151. Satin
  152. K Staff Love??? Yes or NO
  153. My finished exterior mod
  154. Fiberglass Hood with or without Scoop
  155. LED License Plate Lights
  156. Lambo doors
  157. smoked lenses? Yay or nay?
  158. Painting Engine Parts
  159. Audi-ized Svx
  160. Evolution Style Hood Scoop on a SVX
  161. Headlight mods
  162. Painted alternator
  163. Real JDM Spoiler Installed. Pics inside. 56k Take a Hike.
  164. JDM hood emblem
  165. Shaved door handles
  166. Stevebsy / X35 Performance is out of the fiberglass business.
  167. What do you think of my new wing?
  168. JDM style Front bumper cover/spoiler (resurrected)
  169. automatic trunk popper
  170. Liberty/Legacy Driving Lights
  171. DIY garage spliter/lip
  172. ''Wild body kit''
  173. my progress so far
  174. Lookie Here
  175. Carbon Fibre Vinyl Instead of Black Top/Trunk
  176. Urethane K staff front half spoiler project
  177. New Product: upper rear visor/spoiler
  178. Respray Question
  179. Satin Black Paint Completed
  180. SVX bodykit and front update
  181. SVX LED Taillights
  182. CF and/or FG doors and decklids?
  183. Glass roof Myth?
  184. Rear Side marker lights
  185. New headlight lenses
  186. hoodscoop option
  187. Motorsport FG Hood W/ Wrx Scoop Reviews?
  188. Audi-ized Svx
  189. Need some ideas for a polo green SVX
  190. Light Weight Trunk?
  191. Carbon fiber body parts
  192. Custom Clear Headlights
  193. Tinted windows and Tail lights
  194. Euro Front bumper SALE
  195. Lambo door kits?
  196. Aluminum Skid Plate
  197. LED's done
  198. Just a headlight teaser. Wish me luck!
  199. modified SVX renderings (body kits)
  200. Functional Aero Kit
  201. Skid Plate
  202. Rear Side Marker Connector Question
  203. Apkarians custom LED taillights
  204. Custom LED Front Side Markers
  205. Professionally restored and modified headlights
  206. $5 mod that almost every SVX owner could use at some point
  207. Speedglass and more
  208. Double the Joy
  209. POLL: restyle
  210. tinted side indicators
  211. Poll: Should I get a stripe and what color?
  212. the newest thing NOT HID / but LED
  213. Fiberglass Hood Struts
  214. Just playing with Photoshop
  215. How-To: Modify & Install JDM Mirrors in USDM SVXi
  216. Aluminum rear wing idea
  217. Fender flares?
  218. Project I Hate Rust: Phase 1
  219. STI wing, thoughts?
  220. High Powered bulbs for fog lights?
  221. good news: Radiators / side skirts and Strut bars
  222. Wrapping the SVX
  223. Back from the bodyshop: Small Car Grille and Hood Debadge
  224. SVX weight
  225. Is it possible to have rear window louvers for an svx?
  226. Lamborghini doors
  227. Head light washer install - part 1 of 2
  228. Just an interesting nose mod
  229. Adding an OEM Spoiler