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  1. Afghanistan - Forgotten?
  2. Stop allowing republicans to play with our toys!
  3. Bush administration at it again
  4. Democrats sentenced for tire slashing on election day
  5. Thread for those who love Georgie
  6. request for a new Political Forum.....
  7. They gave us a political Forum!!
  8. Which news cast gives the most objective news?
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  10. Get ya head right... take a look
  11. A day without illegal immigrants...
  12. Do we learn from our mistakes?
  13. Foreign Humor??
  14. New GW Speach
  15. What should we do with Bush?
  16. The war in Iraq
  17. A little harsh on the corps.
  18. U.S. at War
  19. Good Bush Power Point
  20. It's Not Just Phone Calls...
  21. Do you care if Joe & Bob Marry?
  22. Am I allowed to write that I would like to hunt down George W. Bush, the president of
  23. A third term for Bush...?
  24. AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism
  25. If I were President, I would.....
  26. piercing in the work place
  27. Who would you want for our next president?
  28. South Park
  29. Noah: 2006
  30. A new reason to hate Bush... Everyday!
  31. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  32. Just spreading that good ole Western Democracy
  33. Rename?
  34. Bush won't be pardoning his buddy
  35. Japanese government gets others to agree by
  36. We Are Under Attack !!!!!!!!
  37. Bombay train bombings
  38. Devils advocate 2,403 killed in Pearl harbor, just past that in Iraq
  39. I didn't know it was this bad...
  40. Stem cell research and the future
  41. Ken Lay is alive?
  42. Intresting Observation
  43. US Defense Budget explained with Oreos
  44. The REAL Reason to hate france
  45. Our leaders are not allowed to touch their foreheads in public!
  46. Israeli airstrike kills 34 children
  47. The REAL reason to love france
  48. I love polls
  49. Interesting article on the WMD hype
  50. George Galloway rips British journalist a new one.
  51. ENOUGH of the We Are Under Attack Thread!
  52. BP and Prude-hoe Bay.
  53. Read this one
  54. We might be Heading towards a Civil War
  55. Iranian Cataclysm, Aug 22?
  56. Another attempt luckily thwarted
  57. The past Lebanese Wars, our current situation and Hizbullah/Israeli conflict
  58. Operation Swift Slaughter
  59. Sad Anniversaries-Katrina and 9-11
  60. Jesus and Mary Appeared in Marjeyoun During the Israeli Attack!!
  61. No wonderful weeks for Baghdad
  62. For the Ann Coulter fans out there
  63. Terrorism Insurance?
  64. The opposite of Fahrenheit 9/11?
  65. I smell a RAT
  66. The path to 9/11
  67. The middle east
  68. MI-6 Book
  69. Thailand Coup
  70. Freedom is not free
  71. Tell the terrorists this good news
  72. Poor Fox news
  73. 1984
  74. Election Journal
  75. It took 3 highschoolers or undergrades can't tell
  76. Balance the Budget?
  77. Oops!!
  78. Soldier's Thoughts
  79. Sigh...
  80. Thank You Mr. Clinton!
  81. Just for Electrophyllis......
  82. Tired of ad campaigns
  83. Interesting quote of a former President
  84. An interesting quote from the present President.
  85. Im surprised that...
  86. John Kerry: Killing the Democrats chances....
  87. So much for Faith Based initatives
  88. Bipartisan corruption in our Government
  89. The Bush Legacy begins to seed
  90. Haha... This was fun to read!
  91. The Election
  92. Rudi Giuliani?
  93. A tribute to Rumsfield
  94. [---crickets chirping---]
  95. Because, this is really the answer...
  96. Republican employment opportunity!
  97. Hold those accountable.... accountable.
  98. W Revealed
  99. Lets come up with possible solutions
  100. Let the debates begin
  101. The neo-cons are hinding in caves? What's up?
  102. Let the impeachment rumblings begin.
  103. surge refereshing beverage or seriously flawed plan?
  104. Condi and George do Abbott and Costello
  105. TV Show: 24...
  106. Lie on Obama and those who perpetrated it
  107. How pride is killing our troops
  108. Police + State = ?
  109. Excellent 3D of Usama
  110. So where is the money...
  111. Veto our President
  112. Amero replaces dollar, right... about... NAU.
  113. Sheehan calls it quits...
  114. Zeitgeist
  115. China's Work Practices...
  116. Health care outside the U.S.
  117. A Gutsy Woman
  118. Fantastic speech!!!!
  119. A REAL speech from a true patriot.
  120. Wtf>..
  121. Assassinations
  122. A love Story in Three Pictures
  123. A good read...
  124. An even BETTER READ!
  125. New Hampshire: vote fraud comfirmed?
  126. Our Govt does it again
  127. H.r. 333
  128. Swat being compared to Nazis
  129. Former lawmaker charged in terrorism case
  130. Official Cop/SWAT thread
  131. Cheney prods Senate to extend surveillance law
  132. Funny
  133. "War critic wants Cheney subpoenaed"
  134. New proof of Global warming!
  135. More of Same
  136. Bye Mitt!
  137. Are you serious?
  138. Who's McCain's VP gonna be???
  139. completely Disturbing (everyone should watch)
  140. All hail our new overlords!
  141. Real ID...
  142. the truth about our elections
  143. Compassion Forum
  144. 46 Reasons why Obama scares me.
  145. (Lee Iacocca) an interesting fw from my dad
  146. "Who Will Tell the People?"
  147. Political funneh!
  148. Banning Flavored Tobacco
  149. SCOTUS Makes the right move!
  150. Osama Bin Laden, on the lam, or resting in peace?
  151. Fret for your latte and fret for your lawsuit and...
  152. Dolphins' Massacre Festival in Italy
  153. Paris for President!?
  154. Close to another World War?
  155. not sure where this should...
  156. Is this political?
  157. McCain picks Alaska's Govenor for VP
  158. Obama claims to have visited 57 of the 59 States
  159. Roll of the dice election
  160. Funny McCain Phone Call Spoof
  161. Roll of the Iron Fist election
  162. The end is near!
  163. The video Obama does not want you to see...
  164. The article Sarah Palin doesn't want you to read....
  165. Who Won The Debate?
  166. ObamaBots smashed the window on my svx
  167. Burning down the house: What caused the economic crisis?
  169. Palin vs. Biden Debate
  170. Zeitgeist Addendum
  171. Fox Newbs: photography has a liberal bias
  172. Massive Reenlisment Ceremony
  173. Someone you know is running for President...
  174. Thomas Jefferson....still holds true
  175. Heartland, or Not-Very-Smart Land?
  176. Maybe It's All About Unity
  177. I seem to be on both parties bad sides.
  178. McCain Funny As Hell!!!
  179. Sacrifice
  180. McCain turns to Russia for fundraising???
  181. Hilarious website: Palin as President
  182. Our Institution Learned Well
  183. Obama racist!? Watch and decide...
  184. Cindy McCain Drifting
  185. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
  186. Will Castro to 'upgrade' the Presidential Limo!!
  187. The people have spoken!
  188. Interesting times
  189. Post Election
  190. A letter from Germany
  191. Memo for the Blue States (very long)
  192. Thoughts on the bailout...
  193. Political Change??????????????
  194. Something new!
  195. Biggest socialist program in 40 years!
  196. This is PURE PERFECTION.
  197. Murderers!!
  198. While its funny, its kinda true
  199. So You Won't Forget
  200. This is great
  201. Great Depression Part 2...you bet!
  202. I Hate CA
  203. Denny Crane for President?
  204. Are you kidding me!!
  205. Banning Flavored Tobacco Pt. 2
  206. Who REALLY Caused the Financial Crisis??
  207. Happy 142nd Birthday Canada
  208. Why our country is screwed
  209. National Debt
  210. Taxes that the Liberal can understand
  211. Venting: Am I a Racist??
  212. Obama Youth
  213. More Obamanation and Liberal Democrats
  214. how bad are some of those leading our country ?
  215. 'O' is like an in-experienced driver!
  216. 2010~2011 US Events Predictions
  217. Suicide note from the pilot of the plane that crashed today
  218. How to fix Congress and the Senate
  219. What to do on a plane if the passenger next to you is irritating
  220. Food for Thought...
  221. Illegals
  222. N. Korea and their Chinese handlers
  223. Connecticut shooting and the "race card".
  224. worth watching
  225. A day of remembrance... 9/11
  226. 9/11 is political...
  227. The "Ground Zero Mosque"
  228. Scandals & Leaks: WikiLEAKS!
  229. This could explain a lot
  230. After 2 Years of Obama--Here is your Change!
  231. Finally got OBL
  232. Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  233. okay this is a funny video
  234. Media Bias
  235. The truth must hurt
  236. John Edward TRIL?
  237. Greed and Debt
  238. Concerning the Movie About Islam
  239. Presidential Race
  240. Cast your vote!
  241. I'm tired.
  242. Says it all
  243. 2013 Predictions for the USA
  244. Posted by a local 'news' guy!!
  245. Who deleted my Trayvon thread
  246. New World Terrorism - Da'esh